A vision
of Security

OLAM™ is a Security Consulting & Network company for International Corporations, individuals and Government Agencies. OLAM™ was founded based on the vision of Tomer Sade, a former member of the Israeli Security Agency, to provide security & safety consulting solutions to expats and their families while living abroad.

During his years in the service as the regional senior agent in-charge for diplomatic protection, Tomer recognized that although expats in the private sector share, almost, the same risks and difficulties as any diplomat in a foreign country, they do not receive any suitable security solution and care, as he provided to the diplomatic community focusing on preventing behavior guidance and a real time response to emergency situations.

That unique vision gave OLAM™ its instant success and immediately set a clear difference between the traditional “global” security consulting companies which have poor foothold and understanding of the region, comparing to OLAM™’s dynamic, experience and highly integrated personnel with proven success and foothold in Argentina & South America.

OLAM™’s personnel is a variety of international and local professionals in the security field, creating outstanding and efficient solutions to expats and corporate needs. We provide true and security and risk management for corporations in South America.