We are different, we are better, and we are an International group with local foothold.


Our team represent a variety of local and international personnel with extensive experience in the security field, directed Tomer Sade, a former member of the ISRAELI SECURITY AGENCY with 14 years of distinguished service.


We respond in your language to ensure there will be no communication problems in any emergency situation. Reaching for help with the barrier of language while in an emergency situation can be a major frustration! Knowing that there is someone trustworthy 24/7 ready to respond to your crisis can be a big relief in real time and add a peace of mind to your expats.


We believe that no consulting is completed unless it relays on tight local sources! That is why we are constantly investing in building and expanding our local network and contacts for the benefit of our clients in emergency incidents, crisis situations, union issues, local bureaucracy and getting the accurate and clear information when need.


We provide our clients with a quick and efficient real time response and solutions (crisis management) to any emergency situation, as well as assisting to successfully confront specific risks and threats at their base of operations. Which can only be achieved with a local well-integrated company like OLAM™ that can analyze the true nature of the risks and the crime mentality for each specific region of operations.


The advantage of a local well integrated security consulting company when compare to any international consulting company is clear in every aspect; response time, local networking, understanding local mentality & political to provide clients with the right tools to make them able to achieve right decisions.