Tomer Sade, 37, founder and current President of OLAMô, established the prototype for a new breed of professional corporate service dedicated to mitigate expatís risk exposure, by creating a team of international and local experts in the security field, who utilize local contacts network to address expats and expats familiesí safety needs while living abroad.

Tomer has 14 years of distinguished service in the Israeli security agency and the I.D.F. (Israeli Defense Forces) as a lieutenant in a special operations unit, having served most of his career in the agency in Latin America. He gained expertise in assessing risks for diplomats who are serving in hostile environments and over the 5 years when he was appointed regional senior agent in-charge for diplomatic protection, he kept a remarkable clean record of zero incidents (criminal and terror).

After he retired from service in 2005 he was determined to address the need for a security solution for expats in the private sector. After completing his service for the Israeli Foreign Services he continued his studies in Miami before he settled down with his family in Argentina where he founded OLAMô.

His experience and unique vision is OLAMôís signature service, to provide your expats with the tools and the assistance they need to be safe and protected during their stay in Argentina, ensuring a better quality of life.